Monday, 6 August 2012

News Graffiti Part 6

Graffiti Street
Graffiti is a major problem all over the world costing tax payers millions of dollars every year in the prevention and removal of unsightly tags and graffiti. Some graffiti is true art, but unfortunately most is obscenity and tags. Tags are people's ID mark, and can be either their initials or just some obscure symbol which only they or other taggers know. Tagging is not just kids, but grown adults travelling the country leaving their tag in an underworld game of tagging. The idea of this game is to leave their tag in as many and difficult positions as possible. This makes for unsightly landscape that is costing business, governments and the public sector a fortune. Up until now professional companies have been called in to apply anti graffiti sacrificial coatings and to remove the graffiti with a cocktail of dangerous chemicals.

There are countless numbers of ways to remove and prevent Graffiti, from re-painting through to sacrificial coatings. Re-painting is often used but is time consuming and expensive. A very popular method is to use a sacrificial coating. These are generally wax based, and once attacked with graffiti are completely removed and re-applied. A very expensive exercise, considering more often than not they are attacked with graffiti again the next day.

The best way to combat these graffiti artists is to remove the graffiti before anyone has a chance to see it! If their handy work is removed immediately over and over they will often give up after 3-4 times of removal. It is very frustrating for a graffiti artist not to see their work the next day and also becomes a waste of time and paint on their behalf. Time is crucial! To be able to achieve this you must have a anti graffiti system that will enable quick and easy removal over and over without damaging the material underneath and the costly replacement of the coating every time it is attacked with graffiti.

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