Monday, 6 August 2012

News Graffiti

Rod has spent 17 years working in the reduction of Graffiti. The problem is Testosterone - the male hormone This is a concept that you may find hard to agree with but give it some thought as it may be the answer to how you control Graffiti. Graffiti is similar to any other form of vandalism and can be associated with other forms of anti social behaviour, Street racing and Burnouts in cars. The rout cause is the same. Testosterone!

We need to go back to the days when males were the providers (hunters) and females the carers. To day most males enjoy the excitement of the hunt. For some it is fishing others shooting and for some chasing wild women.

Most males love the excitement of the adrenalin rush, which is nature's way of increasing performance and protecting them. Adrenalin in the blood increases the senses and performance by increasing the heart rate and hence the blood to the mussels and brain. Is it coincidental that the average age of graffitist is 15 to 24?

Around the Age of 15 (puberty) the Testosterone builds up in the male until around the age of 24 when it levels off and starts to reduce over the following years. 85% of Graffitists are male only 15% are female and females do have low levels of testosterone.

Most Graffiti committed by females is in association with males. It does not give most females a thrill, in fact they wonder why males would bother to do graffiti. The fact is some graffitist get excitement from the risk of being caught. The majority derive success from the recognition of their tag bragging rights and the number of tags they can get up.

They are out there trying to prove themselves to society as individuals trying to be different and noticed. While this is a theory and it is dangerous to generalise it all makes good sense. The public outrage increases their enjoyment and encourages them to do more. We know that as part of the Graffiti adventure some graffitist do things with increased risk like train surfing and tagging very dangerous places like roofs of moving trains, bridge faces over road ways and signs high in the air.


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