Monday, 6 August 2012

News Graffiti Part 7

Graffiti Design Papers
Anti Graffiti Coatings is a kind of coating which is done on the top of the paint that exists already or on the facades of the building. These anti graffiti coatings prevent graffiti paints from getting stuck on to the surfaces of the walls. This saves a lot of money for the owners of the building as removing graffiti from the costs thousands of dollars every year. Although there are a lot of anti graffiti programs all over the world, vandalism is some thing which continues to be big problem. World over various companies are trying to put together a solution to develop anti graffiti coatings which would guard the buildings being vandalized by Graffiti. These coatings are in the form of a paint which is applied on top of the paint that exists on the walls of the building.

There are different types of Anti graffiti coatings that are available in the market, based on the amount of graffiti on the buildings or its severity each and every one of these types would have various advantages and disadvantages as well.

Graffiti Street
Graffiti BubbleGraffitiGraffiti BackgroundGraffiti TattooGraffiti Creator
Graffiti Alphabet
Graffiti Alphabet BlackbookGraffiti Alphabet

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